Road to Recovery Initiative Pillars

Pillar One:

Prioritize a Competitiveness Agenda

Sustainable economic growth can be maximized when we achieve a proper regulatory balance and support fiscal policies that promote innovation, job attraction, and retention.  Colorado competes for jobs with other states and globally, and we need to be mindful of how we are positioned in the wider marketplace for future residents and employers.

Pillar Two:

Reimagine Colorado’s Workforce

Building a “tomorrow-ready” workforce requires modernizing training pipelines, embracing technology, and strengthening post-secondary education options so Colorado’s youth and working adults can secure fulfilling jobs and sustainable career pathways.

Pillar Three:

Invest in a Future-Forward Infrastructure

A future-forward infrastructure system is critical to unleashing Colorado’s long-term competitive potential. Colorado must focus on issues such as mobility, energy, and broadband/5G because they are the backbone to support a strong economy, business growth, and quality of life.